Tools For Ogame - Turkey Version
We are working to be able to offer different tools to help you with your ogame's planning and calculations.


Gezegenlerarasi Roketler Simulator: Online Gezegenlerarasi Roketler Simulator. It contains: Reading of espionage reports, lost resources calculation, calculation of missiles needed to wipeout enemy defenses and destroy a main target.

Battle Simulator: Online battle simulator. It contains: Reading of espionage reports, activate/deactivate defense to debris, activate/deactivate rapid fire, result of battle, debris and recycler, moon chance, losses attacker, losses defender, theoretic plunder and large cargo and real plunder.

Masraf hesaplaması: Cost calculator for all items in Ogame.

Commerce Calculator: This allows to know how many resources you will get for any amount of metal, crystal or deuterium. Also lets you know the minimum and maximum amount that you can get for any sent resource under the ogame rules.

ACS Calculator: ACS Calculator and Compactor.